So you’ve got some shiny new treads and you are off.  You’re feeling a million dollars and then… you get blisters!  I hate this so much.  For a big lad I have very sensitive feet and would suffer blisters every time I got new football boots, running trainers, work shoes, the list goes on.  It didn’t seem to matter whether I went for the top of the range or just threw on a cheaper pair the blisters were inevitable.  The shoes would eventually come good after some running in and I think this is something that many of us just live with.  However life without blisters started for me when I looked more closely at the laces.  I discovered the lace lock technique and it has made a huge difference to me and my foot happiness.

Effectively you utilise the extra hole at the top of the trainer to make loop that in turn creates a lock on the heal.  This prevents movement of the foot in the trainer and reduces the chances of blisters on the heal and forefoot.  Now, I should add that this may not work for everyone or even be needed for all but give it a go if you’ve ever had blisters and see if helps.  This is one of those small aggregated gains.  Happy feet are likely to be quicker feet!

This video demonstrates it perfectly:


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