It’s a bit of dream of mine to have shared interests with my kids.  I have visions of taking them to watch rugby matches, hiking, cinema trips, skiing holidays, scuba trips, and the like.  But it’s not that straight forward.  I took my son to the rugby club in September to start playing touch rugby with the under 5s.  The club have an amazing set up and several of my friends were bringing their kids down to play.  I had visions of him having the time of his life (as I had as a child) and me watching on with pride. Cue disaster, he hated it, I’m not sure why but it really wasn’t his thing.  Whilst I was keen for him to give it a go, it is important to me not to be that pushy parent that makes them do things they don’t want to do. So after a 3 weeks of giving it go we decided to look at alternatives.  He loves to swim so we spent a few Sunday mornings at the local leisure centre where we had a great time.

This had been our on off activity for a while when we had a conversation about running.  He’d been getting more and more interested in my running, asking questions and wanting to join in.  Music to my ears!  So we gave our local Junior Parkrun a go.  Luckily for us our local Parkrun (Nonsuch) runs a really great Sunday event at 9am for the juniors.  I can not talk highly enough of the event, the volunteers put on a fantastic event and critically my 4 year old loves it. The focus on getting high fives from all the marshalls really helps to keep the fun levels high and the 2km distance is a challenge but not beyond him.  We run together with me carrying the water bottle and providing plenty of encouragement.  It’s got all the ingredients of Parkrun; the times direct to your phone via email, plenty of support and encouragement and a real community feel, all at our local Park.

Getting the kids to be ‘into’ activities is not always an exact science but I’d fully recommend giving a Junior Parkrun a go.  We did and we’re loving it.

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