austin 1
The real face of running!

So perhaps you’ve set out on your journey to a new you.  You’ve decided running could be your thing and you start a running Instagram account.  You look at some other accounts and notice the beautifully lit images of people looking their manicured best in their running gear.  Forget it!  It’s not the reality of training or even the best bit about running.  Of course there will be the big events with the professional photographers and you always hope they capture in full flow looking like a gazelle, though this rarely happens. The real joy of running is completing that Tuesday night run when you’ve had a terrible day and it is literally the last thing you want to do.  It’s the final 2k that you shuffle at the slowest pace ever when your body was screaming to walk.  It’s the sprint to the line to beat you PB at Parkrun by 2 seconds.  Embrace the reality of it and be proud to show it off, including the sweaty selfie. This will give you a true account of where you have come from and will document the real journey to get there.


Austin 3
We all puff a bit after a good run!


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