Part of the attraction of running is that it is so simple, you can put on your trainers and just run.  The fact it is is so low tech and easy to do alone means that it gives you the flexibility to fit it in your schedule, more easily then taking up a team sport say.  At first you’ll probably be over-flowing with enthusiasm and motivation and you’ll start to improve.  You might even really enjoy the isolation of it all, you verses the road or trial.  However, there is a human need to have shared experiences, to network, encourage and receive encouragement and to trade top tips.  There are lots of ways to achieve this, not least of all by making an instarunning account and interacting in this way.  This is something I really value and take loads of inspiration from the people I follow.  However there are also lots of other ways to become part of community.


You can go down the traditional running club route, and these are really superb.  This will give you an immediate network of runners and friends that will help and guide you.  I love following Andy (@run_bradders_run) and his adventures with the Knowsley harriers (@knowsleyharriersac).  There will almost certainly be regular training sessions and representation at local and national events.


You could also find a less traditional running group like Fordy Runs (@fordy_runs), it is a Facebook group led by Chris Ford that has 252 members and growing, that share daily suggestion for runs and top tips and advice.  Members of the group meet up at events to put faces to the social media accounts and start friendships.  Another great example is Andy Legget has started the lonely goat club (@lonelygoatrc) and utilises several platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Strava and others to allow members the chance to share and support each other. They are now a registered running club and with 2.4k followers on FB have a significant group.


There loads of great ruuning ‘crews’ that meet on a regular basis like the Back Packers (@backpackerssclc) that are supported by Asics and base themselves out of the Regent street store in London and they pride themselves on being an inclusive club with a huge emphasis on fun.

Running clubs, crews and groups are a great way to bring the social side into running, give it a go, you might (probably will) like it!

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