In our first feature running dad article we have have Simon (@runfatboyrun2017) who is targeting and incredible 1000 miles in 2017.

Simon is raising awareness and funds for Parkinson’s Uk

TDCR: Tell us a bit about you.

SG: I’m Simon and I’m 29 years old. I work for a plant hire company called A-Plant and I deal with the Powered Access division for the East Midlands. I have two sons and a step daughter, 1, 7 and 14. It’s a pretty busy household and my partner, who is a chef, works slightly different shifts each week.  This leads to organised chaos. To round off the family we have a staffy called Bleu.

TDCR: What’s in the kit bag?

SG: I love running in my Brooks, Ghost 10s but unfortunately for them, they are almost at retirement age, but I just can’t bring myself to switch just yet! The other things I keep in my kit back are my Oofos flip flops, Garmin 235 along with a bottle of my post run drink of choice CR7.

TDCR: How did you get into running?

SG: It’s a great question

TDCR: Thanks!

SG: Its only through me being stubborn that I got into running. Back in 2015, I weighed around 15 stone and we were talking about running with an old work colleague. I made an off the cuff comment about how I thought I could run a half marathon with some training. They commented while laughing that there was no way I could. About 5 months later, I was stood in Coventry City centre about to start my first half marathon! I have always been a stubborn person but another one of my personality traits is my lack of organisation. To be even stood in the starting pen was an achievement. I didn’t follow a training plan, I just slowly upped my mileage on my long runs. I ran a 1hr 42mins on my first half marathon and it was a great day! Coventry is still one of the half marathons I like to run except this year where it was snowed off. Still to this day I thank that old work colleague who doubted me.

TDCR: What has been your biggest challenge in running?

SG: Difficult to choose just one so I will go with two. Back in February, I ran the Naseby1645. It was tough. 16.45 miles of hills, hills and hills. Over 900ft of climb but it was a great learning curve for me and proved I had some pretty good mental strength. After I completed that, for the first time in my life I actually thought I could complete a marathon at some point. I have entered the VLM next year, so fingers crossed!

The second one is still on going. I am currently trying to run a 1000miles in 2018 for Parkinson’s UK. It’s a huge step up in mileage as last year I ran 464 miles, so I’ve got to run over double that! Its going well so far and touch wood, it should be all done and dusted with a couple of weeks to spare!

TDCR: Good luck with that, Parkinson’s Uk is a great cause.


TDCR: What are your top tips for running dads?

SG: Get the kids involved! My 1-year-old and my 14-year-old step daughter are not interested in running for very different reasons. One likes dribbling still and the other is a moody teenager!

The 7-year-old is completely different and last Christmas day we ran at the local Parkrun. I can’t imagine there were many kids who at 8 am on Christmas day asked their parents if it was time to get ready for the run!

I like having a routine, I run when my son is at football training on Mondays, then Tuesdays and Thursdays once the boys are in bed (The Mrs works late). I have tried running before work, but this doesn’t always work!

TDCR: Thanks so much Simon!

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