Our second featured running Dad hails from the North West and recently completed the tour of Merseyside, 52 miles in 1 brutal week!

TDCR: So Andy tell us a bit about yourself.


AB:  I’m Andy, and I’m 34 years old. I work as a Business Project Manager for a Global Data company and am based at home,  I am also lucky enough to do a lot of international travel with my role.  I can’t really explain what I do so put it this way, it’s like that episode on Friends where no one knows what Chandler does even when he explains it. I am a proud dad to two boys, 4 years & 9 months-old and am married to the most amazing woman who has her own cake company.

TDCR: How did you get into running in the first place?

AB: Quite a random story.  I was at a friend’s 30th Birthday party and got talking to a friend who was an avid runner.  He now runs for the Kirkby Milers AC and is one of their top runners.  He was explaining how amazing running was and I just shrugged it off and said I don’t get it.  The following day (slightly hungover) his words still resonated so I popped on some trainers and headed out for 1-mile run.  It was the toughest mile ever, but I finished with a smile.  That was the moment I was hooked.

TDCR: What has been the highlight of your running career?

For Bradders taking on the Tour of Merseyside has been a running highlight!

AB:  Really good question.  I probably have two real highlights.  The first is that in December 2017 I set myself a few goals, one of which was to get a sub 25-minute 5k.  In February I achieved that…in fact I smashed that and got a 23:51. This was a big shock for me and really demonstrated that I am much stronger than I think.  The second, has to be the Tour of Merseyside.  This epic challenge was quite overwhelming when I finished and one that I am massively proud of.

TDCR: Have you got any top tips for running Dads?

AB: This is a tough one.  For me, balancing family / work and running is a big challenge.  There are a few things you can do that help though; 1. Plan you runs a week in advance. This gives ample time to work with your partners and or job and make sure you can get that time to run. 2. Get the kids involved. Whether this is taking them to your local parkrun or like me get them involved in strength training.  I use my youngest as a weight whilst my eldest copies my exercise.  Its great fun. 3. Give your partners some time as well. It can be tough if you’re out running all the time and your partner is left at home with the kids so make sure they have some time to themselves as well.  It can be something as simple as a nice bath with a Glass of wine. 4. Don’t get carried away with races! Try and focus on training rather than booking in a load of races. Remember you need to factor travel time to and from events.  So, a half marathon race can take up best part of half a day.  I always remember the phrase “Train to Race, don’t Race to train”.

TDCR: Thanks Andy, great tips there!

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