This week’s featured running Dad is Ben

TDCR: Tell us about yourself Ben.

BW: Hi, I’m Ben Wyld, 30 years of age and the Assistant Manager of Longleat House. I am a very proud father to two beautiful daughters of 3 and 2. My wife and I also have two dogs, Milo the 1.5-year-old Jackapoo and Rosie the 8-month-old Sproodle. So, it’s a fair to say our household is extremely busy and energetic at the best of times. Never the less, the joy of being a father and husband is amazing and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Ben loves to hit the trails in his On Cloudadventure Peaks

TDCR: So what’s in the kit bag?

BW: My current weapons of choice are my On Cloudventure Peaks, which serve me very well on the trails, however I find my newly acquired Inov-8, Parkclaww 275 work wonders when I hit the road. I love nothing better than strapping on to my back my Inov-8 Race Ultra Vest, it gives me the hydration I need and I’m able to go out for a few hours on my longer runs.

TDCR: How did you first get into running?

BW: This is my ultimate dadism/dad story. I took the children to a soft play just over a year or so ago. They where pestering me to go run round and play with them, so as any loving father I did, however 20 minutes in to running round like a kid in a play ground, I was needing a serious rest break. To get fit I went for the cheapest option, I had a pair of trainers and somewhere to run so off I trot.

TDCR: What’s been your biggest challenge in running?

BW: The biggest challenge for is yet to come, however the daily struggle of getting up at 4:45 to be out for 5am does get to you after a while.

TDCR: What has been the highlight, so far, of your running career?

BW: Well I recently completed my first competitive race in over 20 years and I loved every sweaty minute of the Frome Half Marathon. A major plus is when your 3 year old asks to enter the Family Fun Run (1km) next year!

TDCR: Any tips for running dads?

image1BW: Top tips for running dads, which are based on challenges I faced:
1. Get out early and then when you get back have a family breakfast, the kids see you active and want to join in.
2. Find a training programme that can be flexible, a bad night with one of the kids, is not what you want when you have a Tempo run the next day.
3. Get the playlist right and keep on running.
4. Enjoy it, I have very little time to myself, this is my space and my time.

Follow Ben’s running adventures on instagram here:

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