Our Latest featured running Dad is Jim (@le8_runner) who has combined becoming a dad for the first time with taking his running more seriously in 2018.

TDCR: So tell us a bit about you.

JC: I’m Jim, 33 years old from Leicester. I’m currently working as a Health, Safety and

Jim has made massive improvements in his running since becoming a dad, and puts it down to the runch!

Compliance Manager for a local Co-op but moving roles in a couple weeks to another retailer (…tapping your back pocket may give it away as to where I’m moving to). I’m lucky to have an amazing Wife and in April our lives changed for the better when our little boy came along giving us restless nights and endless smiles!

TDCR: So how did you get into running?

JC: I started running about 10 years ago when I got completely out of shape after finishing Uni. I ran my first Half Marathon in 2008 and after that ran occasionally in between playing Rugby but it wasn’t until this March though that I started running regularly.  I was inspired by friends I saw on social media including  the #thisdadcanrun movement.  It gave me the kick I needed as with our boy due in April I needed to do something about the Dad bod I had grown into.

TDCR: So what has been your biggest challenge?

JC: I found it tough at the beginning putting time aside to actually get out and the weather wasn’t great either back then (remember the Beast from the East?!). Getting into the habit of running was challenging and I found excuses not to go out so I signed up to a local 10k event as a goal (which happened to be 9 days after our Boy was born!). I’m very lucky at work that I have access to a shower so used my Lunch break to get runs in. I’m a huge fan of the so called “runch” as its time I would either waste or not take at all. This helped with running being a habit and ended up with a PB at the 10k smashing my goal! I’ve kept the runch up and go out 3 days a week varying from 5k to 10k!

TDCR: What has been the highlight of your running career, thus far?

JC:  The Equinox24 event this year at Belvoir Castle is undoubtedly the highlight of what I’ve done so far running. I was lucky to answer a call up on Instagram by Simon (@runfatboyrun2017) looking for people to enter this year. We had a great team made up of other runners on Instagram who put their hand up with Simon, Matt

The equinox 24 was an incredible experience for all the speedhaters!

(@run_with_matt), Joe (@theallseeingpie) and You (@thisdadcanrun) and came together as The Speed Haters. As a challenge, running a 10k circuit of mixed trail and tarmac can be pretty tough on its own but to do this over a 24hour relay was incredibly tough. What made it easier was being surrounded by likeminded guys and we all bounded really well. What made it even more amazing was my Wife, Son, Brother and Nephew came down to support in the torrential rain. We managed in total 27 laps and finished 12th out of 135 teams. What a result! I’ve never had to push myself so hard and at the time couldn’t believe what we‘d achieved – I couldn’t have imagined doing this back in March!

JC: Also… another highlight from the event was being crowned the Official Fastest Man in Wellies (I even have a hat and video footage to prove it!)

TDCR: What would be your top tips for other running Dads?

JC: As I’ve said finding the time can be tough when you’ve got a family so do what works best for you. I’ve tried the run before work, during work, after work and the weekend. As I’m lucky I can get out at Lunch I’ve found this works for me and have more time in the evenings with my family; at weekends I try, where I can, to get down the local Parkrun or run to family/friends who we’re visiting packing my Wife with a towel and change of clothes – this really helps me!

The best tip I can offer though would be when running remember it’s your own race so run to your own pace and goals.

Follow Jim’s running adventures on instagram here:


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