Parkrun can take you to some beautiful palces

So what does DFYB mean? along with the thousands of other acronyms out there it’s tough to keep track but for regular Parkrunners they know it means the all important ‘Don’t forget your barcode’.  I have waxed lyrical in the past about the pros of Parkrun but one of the few things they are pretty insistent on is having that barcode.  So whenever you are away for a weekend don’t forget to pack it in the case or keep one in 79a10998-6e7c-453a-8f19-0dee5af3e5dbthe wallet/purse so that you can take advantage of the amazing array of Parkruns out there.  In fact as of last week, Worldwide there were 1373 Parkruns, hosting a population of 244394 Parkrunners with 20361 Hi-Vis heroes making it possible.  With this number of Parkruns out there its becoming more likely than not that you are in close vicinity of a great, free timed 5k every saturday, never mind where you happen to be.

So we all know what tourism is but for some Parkrunners its become a huge ‘thing’.  Its so popular now that there are ‘clubs’; the prestigious ‘Cowell Club’ for those that have complete 100 different events and the even more exclusive ‘Freyne Cub’ for those that have taken in an incredible 250 different events.  Lots of people love to take on special challenges like the infamous Parkrun alphabet, running an event that starts with each letter of the alphabet.  It seems people invent new ways to enjoy tourism every week.

Parkrun is a great way to have a weekly timed run nevermind where you are in the world

I’ve taken a more relaxed approach to Pakrun tourism and merely taken in the local Parkrun on occasions I happen to be away from home.  I’ve managed to take in 10 Parkruns now, a long way off the ‘Cowell Club’ yet, but have had a marvelous time at those I have been lucky enough to go to.  What I’ve loved about them is that whist they are all completely different there are things you can rely on.  From the friendly people and the welcome briefings to the text or email that confirms your time.

People often ask what your favourite Parkrun is and this is a tough one to answer.  I really enjoyed the challenge of East Grinstead and it’s hilly 2.5 laps, I simply loved the nostalgic run around the ponds in Southport’s Hesketh Park and would certainly recommend the 1 lap beauty that is Richmond Park.  I was lucky enough to spend some time in South Africa in July and August and was able to take in 3 new Parkrun’s there too, including the crowds of Greenpoint and the beautiful lagoon of Knysna, all on the same barcode you have in the UK.  Like all great holidays, one of the joys of it is the going home and this is often how I feel.  I lace up and head to Nonsuch with fresh enthusiasm and think quietly to myself, ‘my Parkrun is the best’.

So whenever you’re away always pack your trainers and  #DFYB.


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