Today we are featuring inspiring running Dad Rob (@robbigsexyreece) getting it done one big sexy dab at a time.

TDCR: So Rob, tell us a bit about you.
Rob enjoys the support of his family and is joined by his son on occasions

RR: I’m married and have two kids, a boy and a girl.  I work in a factory and I’m 39 years old, celebrating the big 40 next year.

TDCR: What’s in your kit bag?
RR: My kit bag consists of the brightest graffiti style trainers around with some very loud bandanas as well.
TDCR: How did you get into running?
RR:  I got into running as I’d put on a lot of weight and felt terrible.  I  thought running was the easiest thing to start and try to make a difference to my lifestyle.  In the past it was always something I started but ended up fizzling out.  That is until this year, where I’ve managed to maintain it throughout and am really enjoying it.
TDCR: What has been your biggest running challenge?

RR: My biggest challenge and absolute running highlight so far has been the 2018

VLM hero!

London marathon.   I trained in very harsh winter conditions to make sure I was ready.  But come race day it was so hot and was the hottest London Marathon ever!  Like most runners I was not prepared for this but managed to get round in one piece and loved the atmosphere.

TDCR: Any other challenges that you’ve got in mind?
RR: I would love to run a race in another country like New York. I think it would be amazing experience but not sure when that will happen, but it’s definitely on the list!
Check out Rob’s running journey on instagram:

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