Our latest running Dad to feature on the blog is Rich who is part of the Brooks @brooksrunninguk #runhappy team.   He has been on a fantastic running journey and continues to inspire others to run and be active and healthy.

TDCR: Hi Rich, tell us a little more about you.

RS: I’m Rich and I am 35 years old. I work for a well known private hospital in Central London. I manage a team of 26 radiology staff and I am a Diagnostic Radiographer by background. I live in Enfield, North London with my wife and our 6 year old Son.

TDCR: What’s in your kit bag?rich3

RS: I’m part of the brooks team and love my Levitate 2s, I always wear my Garmin running watch. I do enjoy a jazzy sock so I have recently been buying Stance socks. They are super comfortable and the designs are awesome.


TDCR: How did you get into running?

RS:  I began running in June 2017 as a way to exercise to help me lose weight. I slowly built up to running 5kms by using the couch to 5k app. I found the app to be really easy to follow and each week progression felt achievable. Once I reached the 5k distance, I decided to sign up for my first race with runthrough at Hyde Park. As I run more regularly, I became more and more motivated to beat my best times and furthest distances. The thing that is so appealing about running is you are only really competing with yourself and don’t have to be compared to other people. Soon I found that running became exercise for the body but also relaxation for my mind. Running allows me an opportunity to forget life’s stresses for a while and often I find it gives me clarity.

TDCR: What has been your biggest challenge?

RS: In March 2018, I signed up for my first half marathon (May’s Hackney Half). I really had to step up my running game and for the first time I followed a strict training plan to get myself ready to be able to cover the distance. The end result was Hackney Half, which was tough but I found the real challenge was the journey to get there. I had a week of sickness during the training which was difficult to come back from but I persevered and got my training back on track in time for the race.

Since February, I have started my training plan for the Edinburgh Marathon and am enjoying the process but know that it will be a gigantic challenge. Hopefully my experience from before will help keep me focused along the journey.

TDCR: What has been the highlight of your running career? So farrich2

RS: Sub 30 for a 5k and Sub 60 for 10k were really special moments and I look back on those runs with a lot of pride.  There have been a number of great highlights but I have most enjoyed the races where I have run with someone. I have run a number of short races with my little boy and also a few 10ks with my brother in law, so I’d have to say my biggest highlights are the races that I have got to share the experience with loved ones.

TDCR: What event’s are on your wish list and why?

RS: I’d really love to run the London Marathon and also the Great North Run. Chicago or New York Marathons would also be a dream.

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